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So the main thing is probably that we want our patio to be comfortable. There are many unique patio accessories available to us. We will discuss here ways in which we can accessorize our patios to meet our needs.

A comfortable seat

One of the first things we will place on our patios is a table and chairs. We want to Patio-unique-patio-accessoriesplace these as to take advantage of the sun and shade, so keep this in mind while you are shopping. Most of the Big Box department stores carry a wide variety of patio furniture that you can sit on and  “try out”. Take advantage of this. The main rule here is to not buy something that will be too large or too small for your patio. Take the time to investigate this and make the right decision.

Take a look here for some info on zero gravity chairs which can help relieve some body aches and pains.

Fire Pits

A fire pit is a very comforting presence on your patio. You can build one yourself out of many different kinds of materials. One way is to get a kit from a masonry supplier or one of the big box home stores. Many of these kits are custom made to simply stack together and will get you up and running fast.

There are also available quite a few different varieties of gas fire pits. You can probably find what you need that comes almost ready to go and operates off 20 lb. propane tanks with no difficult hook ups. These are probably the simplest selection. There are many great looking models and they are not overly priced.

You can review an inexpensive wood burning fire pit here


There will always come a time on a hot Summer day that you will find your self still outside as the sun begins to set. Tiki torches are a time honored favorite for creating a great atmosphere and helping to keep the bugs away at the same time. Solar lights are another application that can be placed about anywhere. Also, you probably can find one of many designs that suit your decor.


This is an item that can be as big or as small as you desire. Large built in units are common these days and they may not be quite the unique patio accessories as they might have once been. However you can design a cooking center with all the bells and whistles if you are incorporating it into your new patio design. A well accomplished Patio installing contractor can build you just about what ever your heart desires. Just be sure to have a good design plan to ensure ease of traffic flow about your patio.


You do not need a big space taking item for enjoying your patio. If you like using your grill or smoker, that’s great, bigger is not always better, especially if room is tight. Your better off having the extra space for guests.





This is an item of unique patio accessories where the sky is the limit. Although a large permanent structure is nice, there are many items on the market that come as kits and do not require a real lot of skill to install. These offer all kinds of benefits to your outdoor experience like creating shade, offering protection from insects and shielding us from shedding trees.

You can install lighting , fans, electronic entertainment items. There is really a lot you can do here.


Landscaping  Options

I know most of us are soothed by the sound of babbling water flowing in a nearby stream. If you do not live near a stream, not to worry. There are many ways to create water features near your patio. This could be a DIY item too. There are many products on the market today to make it easy for you to place some type of a water feature near your patio.

It could be as simple as a preformed plastic tub made especially for this purpose with a small fountain to move around a little water. We could also excavate out a large area and install a rubber pond liner, building in waterfalls, etc. with natural stone. In this case, it is also possible to have a Contractor install a pond for you. These can get pricey but if you enjoy being near running water it is a great relaxing element.unique-patio-accessories

Adding plantings about and around your patio is probably the easiest way to add new life to an old patio or enliven a new one. If you chose hardy plants that require little attention it doesn’t have to be a chore to care of them.  Many people enjoy taking care of their plants and it could become away to bring a hobby closer to you. Even using decorative pots for your plants can create unique patio accessories.

Larger plantings can be used as screen walls or decorative accents. Take advantage of unusual land contouring by getting creative with your plants and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Hot Tubs

These seem to be everywhere now. If you are considering using a hot tub on your patio you should check with the manufacturer to see what is required to support the tub. Most patios will probably suffice. The surface you install it on will have to be level. Most patios are slanted to drain off water, so this is a condition that will have to be investigated. If your patio does not meet the proper conditions it may be possible to just make an extension of the patio that will work.

Again using strategically placed plantings can offer you beauty and supply privacy.


I’m sure once you have finished your projects,  you are going to find that you can’t stay away from your room in the great outdoors. Sit back and take it in.





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