Zero Gravity Reclining Chairs


Zero Gravity Reclining chairs technology was developed by NASA to put astronauts in an optimal position during liftoff to reduce stresses placed on their bodies. What better place to enjoy this beneficial piece of furniture than when we are relaxing on our patios and decks. What exactly is a zero gravity chair ? Zero gravity … Read more

Dry Creek Bed Landscape Ideas

This project can be used to beautify any property. All you need is the delivery of some river rock type stones and maybe some stones already on your property in most cases. A little creative rock placement will get you a unique landscape feature. So in this post I will examine some dry creek bed … Read more



Being closed inside during the winter months and now because of Covid-19 can have adverse results on our well-being. One thing for sure is that when you are cooped up inside you are not receiving the health benefits that breathing fresh air can provide. Such a simple task as getting some fresh air can be … Read more

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