Dry Creek Bed Landscape Ideas

This project can be used to beautify any property. All you need is the delivery of some river rock type stones and maybe some stones already on your property in most cases. A little creative rock placement will get you a unique landscape feature. So in this post I will examine some dry creek bed … Read more

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks


One of the most widely used hardscape materials today is concrete retaining wall blocks. You have surely seen them somewhere in your neighborhoods either used in commercial or residential landscapes. Their ease of use is a big factor. This post will be about their use and design options. The Blocks These products are made by … Read more

How to build a rock wall

how-to build-a-rock-wall

There is one natural material that you may have plenty of, right in your backyard. That material is stone, or rocks as some folks call them. I would like to touch on some procedures for making use of this beautiful material. So let’s see how to build a rock wall. Rocks According to your geographic … Read more

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