Indoor Air Filters


Many of us will be forced inside during Winter because of the more harsh weather conditions. Being outside in the fresh air is a definite health booster. There are ways to make the air inside of our homes a little more cleaner. So if you have the time take a look here at some steps … Read more

How to winterize a patio

winterize-a- patio

Ok so Winter is quickly approaching here in the northeastern United States. We have enjoyed the comforts of our patios all through the long Summer days. We want to keep our patio items in good conditon for next season. In this post we will look at how to winterize a patio. What needs to be … Read more

Stepping Stones Garden Path


This is a project that you really cannot do wrong.  A stepping stones garden path can be as rustic or as clean lined as you like. Make it fit your location. Stone Paths Many of us may be able to find nice flat stones for our stepping stones garden path on our properties.  Any stone … Read more

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks


One of the most widely used hardscape materials today is concrete retaining wall blocks. You have surely seen them somewhere in your neighborhoods either used in commercial or residential landscapes. Their ease of use is a big factor. This post will be about their use and design options. The Blocks These products are made by … Read more

Solar bird bath fountain – A Project


In keeping with my fondness for small DIY projects to be used in creating a little more pleasantness to our outdoor living spaces. I would like to show you a neat little product that will make a splash. A solar bird bath fountain. Solar Power Solar powered accent items seem to be everywhere these days. … Read more

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