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The summer days are coming to an end and for most of us that means so is the hot weather. This is a good time to take a look at some outside fire pits. Using one of these  can extend your patio usage season and keep you enjoying your outdoor space.

Sunnydaze 30 Inch Bronze Crossweave

The first pit up for review is the Sunnydaze 30 inch. It is of steel construction with a bronze paint finish and comes to you with the following amenities.

  • Weight 18 lbs.
  • Height 20 inches ( top of screen)
  • Diameter 22 inches ( Actual fire bowl diameter)
  • Comes with the Pit, Spark Screen, Wood Grate and poker

This pit is quickly and easily assembled and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Sunnydaze Royal Cauldron Fire Pit

The next fire pit is similar in size but has a different look. This fire pit is also of steel construction but has a copper paint finish and consists and comes with the following.

  • Weight 30 lbs.
  • Height 24 inches ( top of screen)
  • Diameter 31 inches ( outside actual fire bowl)
  • Comes with the Pit, Spark Screen, Wood Grate and poker

This pit has a more contemporary design and also comes with the one-year manufacturer warranty. Instead of a single bar encircling the entire fire bowl this unit has four small circular handles attached to the outside of the bowl.

Sunnydaze 32 Inch Square Northern Galaxy

The following fire pit is of a square design. This fire pit is again of steel construction with a high temperature paint finish. The purchase this pit here is what you get.

  • Weight 30 lbs.
  • Height 26 inches
  • Dimensions 25 inch x 25 inch
  • Comes with the Pit, Spark Screen, Wood Grate, a poker and a cooking grate

The purchase of this pit will get you a unique star design on the fire pit sides and it also comes equipped with a cooking grate. You will also get the one-year manufacturer warranty.

Sunnydaze Black Steel Wood-Burning Outdoor Chiminea

This wood burning device is actually a chimnea which directs the smoke up higher and away. This is what you get when you choose this chimnea.

  • Weight 20.8 lbs.
  • Height 66 inches
  • Dimesions 24 inch bowl diameter
  • Wood Opening 20 inches wide x 10 inches high
  • Comes with a removable wood grate and poker.

The chimnea is made of steel with a black high temperature paint finish. The legs give it a 7 1/2 inch ground clearance and the chimney cap keeps out weather and debris.

BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit

This fire pit is of sturdy steel construction with a black finish. The pit comes with a circular cooking grill that swivels 360 degrees. This item comes with the following amenities.

  • Weight 27 lbs.
  • Height 25 inches
  • Diameter 30 inches (outside actual fire bowl)
  • Comes with the pit, a poker, a swiveling cooking grate and a collapsible, removable wood rack.

If you are considering using your wood fire pit for cooking this unit comes equipped with a swiveling grate for getting the utmost efficiency when cooking on a wood fire.

BALI OUTDOORS Outdoor Fireplace Chimnea

This fire pit is another chimnea of a different design. It is of steel construction with sturdy cast iron legs. The purchase of this chimnea will get you the following items.

  • Weight 52.9 lbs.
  • Height 45 inches
  • Diameter 22 inches ( fire cage area)
  • Comes with a removable wood grate, poker and chimney screen.

This chimnea has a sliding door for loading up to 16 inches long logs. It comes with a chimney cover to help keep out the elements when not in use.

Enjoy your wood fire

Wood fires bring out a primal comfort in us when enjoying the flickering flames. The smell of burning wood and its warm glow are naturally relaxing. It is also possible to use your wood fire in conjunction with some plants to help control annoying insects.

Grab the marshmallows or hot dogs and enjoy making memories with your family that you all will certainly look back on with a similar glow in your hearts. Extending our time outdoors on the patio can be accomplished by finding a wood burning fire pit that the whole family can enjoy.

Being in the outdoors in the Fall is invigorating and makes one feel alive. Sitting around your fire pit and enjoying your family and friends company is a great activity to look forward to. Enjoy sipping your favorite hot beverage within the glow of your fire.

Have you used any of these fire pits ?

Perhaps you have used one of these fire pits before. Let me know about your experiences with them by writing in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing of your time spent around a wood burning fire pit.

Safety is of utmost importance with any item which we use to enjoy the warmth and flames. Please be sure to read all safety precautions that come with your appliance. Be aware that some surfaces may become very hot to the touch and to handle them or not touch some surfaces at all accordingly.


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  1. Hey
    Thanks for this helpful guide on Outside Fire Pits.
    I love the BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit comes with a circular cooking grill that swivels 360 degrees which is most important for me and gives me more comfort to use.
    Most importantly, it is budget-friendly.
    So, I love this one so much. Thanks again for sharing this helpful guide that makes my purchasing decision easy and profitable.

    • Hi John
      Great to hear from you. As the weather gets cooler fire pits are a great way to keep us warm while using our patios. Finding an affordable pit that you can use to your maximum benefit was my intention in writing this article.
      Thanks Rick


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